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Prayer service marks Catholic Education Week

By Frank Flegel


REGINA — Catholic schools across the province of Saskatchewan spiritually came together on May 25, mid-week of Catholic Education Week, to pray together in support of Catholic education.

Co-ordinators for Catholic education for all eight Saskatchewan Catholic school divisions chose the theme, “You will see me in your school if you love your neighbour as yourself.”

Regina Catholic Education co-ordinator Miles Meyers said they wanted to get all schools to pray the same prayer at the same hour, so it was scheduled for 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday of Catholic Education Week. Teacher Marley Brcic introduced everyone followed by a Grade 1 choir singing the opening hymn.

Regina Archbishop Donald Bolen participated in the celebration with students in Regina’s St. Angela Merici school. He asked the assembled students to “become people of service to God.” He spoke while holding the shepherd’s staff, explaining that it is a symbol of his responsibility as shepherd, responsible for the people of the Regina archdiocese. He said the prayers and theme “takes us to the heart of the Gospel, to the heart of what Jesus is all about, Love God and love your neighbour.”

The archbishop’s short talk was preceded by a video showing Moses holding the tablets containing the Ten Commandments bobbing his head to a rap beat. The students chosen to recite prayers spoke well and clearly and those filling the floor of the gymnasium replied loudly to the prayers.

A second video featured St. Angela students, teachers and parents each responding to the question, “Why is Catholic education special?” The video ended showing Jesus bobbing his head to a similar rap beat. Bolen closed the celebration with a prayer of thanks for Catholic education.

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