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Hudson Bay celebrates Canada’s birthday

By Janusz Bizewski


HUDSON BAY, Sask. — With every birthday celebration we honour the gift of life. Now, thanks to modern technology, people live longer; some even reach an honourable age of 100 or more. Our personal stories, woven together, create a tapestry of family and national history.

The year 2017 marks the 150th birthday of Canada as a nation. On June 17, St. Dominic Roman Catholic Church in Hudson Bay, Sask., organized an evening commemorating Canada’s birthday.

The event attracted guests from Hudson Bay, Mistatim, Prairie River, Porcupine Plain, Tisdale, Prince Albert, Saskatoon and St. Walburg. The program for the evening consisted of sharing personal stories, food, and listening or dancing to a selection of classical, pop and country music.

The event was spearheaded by Rev. Janusz Bizewski, a priest currently ministering at St. Dominic, and an ad hoc committee consisting of Freda Paproski, Arlene Zens, DeeAnn Sywenky, and Rena Houston.

The theme and décor reflected the Canadian philosophy of unity in diversity. Canada is a country where spring and summer are especially lively as nature rushes through all stages of vegetation from seeds to roots, to stems, to leaves, and flowers, in order to stay its course on a life-giving mission and produce fruits before the snow comes. Canada is a place where people live their traditions in a mosaic of cultures and customs, like many colourful flowers sharing one flowerbed.

The eldest guest at the dinner and dance was 92. One of the younger people in attendance, Leo Menezes, 22, said, “I think everyone was honoured by the celebration, including Canada itself as we sang the national anthem. . . . A short review of Canadian history was challenging but informative. The evening gave me an opportunity to celebrate the art of Canadian living, and dance with my sister and my mom. If we have a similar event in the future, aiming at meeting specific goals, such as fundraising and community building, enkindling new acquaintances and rejuvenating existing friendships, I will definitely support it.”

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