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Prairie Messenger shared with many friends

The Editor: It was with sadness that I read of the Prairie Messenger’s decision to close in 2018. However, your reasons are sound, so I hope and pray that God will continue to grant you, the staff, the contributors, and all subscribers many graces.
I visited St. Peter’s last summer the week of the feast of St. Benedict and had a wonderful time. A year later, I’m still raving about my trip to family and friends.

While visiting, I took out a subscription to the Messenger and have thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s been great learning about the Catholic happenings in a part of the country that doesn’t make many headlines where I live. Also, old issues haven’t gone to waste — I’ve had plenty of takers for my “previously loved” copies.

May God continue to bless you and everyone who passes through St. Peter’s. — Marie Nigro, Ottawa


Closing of Messenger brings sadness

The Editor: We are very upset with the closure of the Prairie Messenger. Now where will we get our information and know what is happening in our province, as well as on the national and international scene?

I agree with the letter to the editor of June 28. Is it too late? We will have a huge void in our Catholic life now.

We just returned from holidays in the Republic of Ireland. The news in Tralee noted the closure of another church and a priest retiring at age 75. We are sad. Where is our church’s future? — Joan Petracek, Esterhazy, Sask.


Thanks for a wonderful, inspiring paper

The Editor: I am so sorry to hear, because of financial matters, that you are forced to discontinue publication of your wonderful, inspiring paper, the Prairie Messenger. I thought that would never happen.

I am grateful that the number of copies I have kept over the years will grow another year.

With my gratitude of the past and sympathy of the future. — Elizabeth Ryan, Agassiz, B.C.


PM an inspiration

The Editor: I am so sorry to hear of my beloved Prairie Messenger passing away.

It has inspired me and challenged me and made me a better person. Thank you for your dedication in your God-work. — Diane Waldbillig, Saskatoon