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Teaching a fundamental human task

By Frank Flegel


REGINA — Regina Archbishop Donald Bolen told a church full of educators that teaching is one of the most fundamental of human tasks. He was celebrating the opening mass for the Regina Catholic School Division for the 2017 — 2018 school year.

“It is the duty of family and community to teach a newborn child how to live and love and how to be human,” said Bolen. His homily focused on the school division’s theme for the year, “Let Your Light Shine.”

The archbishop stated, “In the Gospels, Christ told his disciples to be the light of the world.” Then he “unpacked” that Gospel in terms of the role a teacher plays in Catholic education on behalf of the community and the church.

“What is the light you are to carry?” he asked the more than 1,100 teachers and staff who filled Resurrection Church. “That light is the joy of being alive; it is a deep, abiding sense that life is good, that life is blessed. You are beloved sons and daughters of God and every one of the students in front of you is also a beloved child of God. The light you are called to share is the hope within you that whatever happens, God will accompany you and you are safe in God’s hands.”

Students are also the light of the world, he said, and urged that they be taught that. “Let your your light shine brightly,” he said, “as you begin a new school year.”

He then offered a special blessing for all the new teachers, whom he expected would be excited to begin their vocation after four years of study.

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