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An Ordinary Day

There are buns to bake, and a yard to rake
There are quilts to sew, dishes in a row on the counter
And a skirt and pants that need a broader meaning
to suit mom’s wheelchair at the Lodge

There are floors to sweep and appointments to keep
Dad wants a game of crib and prime rib is on sale
Chuck says the combine part is ready to pick up from the bus
and take to the swathed field with its own issues

A SIN number to locate, a letter to mail, an insurance rebate
The dog needs a shampoo; two books are overdue at the library
a doctor to phone about an ultrasound because the baby
making eyes and fingers still needs a few months grace

It’s 9 am and if this is earth
it’s no wonder
it is necessary to believe
there is blessed peace in heaven

By Jan Wood