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Catholics want a better translation of the Roman Missal

The Editor: I was happy to read in the Setp. 13 Prairie Messenger that Pope Francis had made a change in Canon Law, allowing episcopal conferences more freedom regarding the language translation of the Roman Missal.   

I was not so happy when I read a comment from Archishop G. Pettipas that he hoped the Canadian bishops would not soon be considering any changes.     

I, and many of my friends, were shocked when the translation offered by the English-speaking bishops was not accepted some years ago, and we were given the current translation which has many flaws.    Weekly we have to recite a creed telling us that Jesus descended into Hell (of all places), and the beautiful word Blessed is so over used that one feels irritated by its constant repetition.    

I do hope the Canadian bishops will soon reconsider the present translation, as there is a beautiful one waiting to be used. — Mary Reilly, Burnaby, B.C.