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Blessing Bags a ministry of comfort and care

By Pat Suchorab


PRINCE ALBERT — The Ministry of Comfort and Care for widowed persons at St. Joseph Parish in Prince Albert has undertaken a new charity project, providing “Blessing Bags” for men and women who may need them in our community.

A Blessing Bag is a large Ziploc bag filled with travel or sample-size items of toiletries and personal daily necessities such as shampoo, soap and toothbrushes. A prayer of encouragement is included in each bag, noting that the recipient is a valued person and that others care about them.

The ministry has been overwhelmed by the parish support and generous donations to the project. Work bees are held at which the collected items are sorted and the bags are filled. The work bees are a time for parishioners to gather and spend time with one another, sharing in their lives. A lunch is included as part of the gathering.

At a mass held on August 4, Rev. Roque Concepion blessed the bags in preparation for delivery to the charity or local shelter in need.

With the support of the parish and the blessing of Rev. Tuyen Vu, the new pastor, St. Joseph will continue with the “Blessing Bag” project into the foreseeable future.

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