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Original Sin

I had a thought this morning . . . or maybe a dream,
that the great sin
the one in the garden.
The huge
the unforgivable
the cause of our banishment
was not, as we have all been told,
that when Eve tempted Adam with the forbidden fruit
they fell into the powerful, glamorous sins
of greed
of pride
of lust
of wanting to be God.

No, I don’t think so.
My thought . . . or dream
was the sin that lost us paradise
was not the grand ambitious wish to be God
but a small mean and trivial sin.
When Adam said “The woman tempted me”
forever after all sins followed this same pattern

It’s not my fault
Someone made me do it
I was just obeying orders
I can’t help the way I am made
It’s not my fault
it’s not MY fault
it’s not my fault

By J. Oliver