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Letters to the Editor


Editor not afraid to confront critics of Catholicism

The Editor: The Feb. 2, 2018, issue of the Prairie Messenger was one of the most informative and interesting to read since I have received the paper.

It was most interesting to read how the PM was started and the publication fought for, to support the cause of the Catholic faith. It was also interesting to read how the editor of the day was not afraid to confront those who criticized the Catholic Church, and even the politicians.

Again, I’m sorry that the PM cannot find a way of maybe cutting back the number of issues it produces, and increasing the amount for subscriptions and continue to print the newspaper.

Unfortunately I don’t think the younger generation realizes the benefits of the PM.

In the meantime, God bless you for the years you provided us with the PM.

— Gerry Gauvin, Swift Current

Proud to be a lifelong subscriber

The Editor: With the upcoming close of your paper, it is good to remember some of the highlights of the past 100 years or more. Your paper was recognized by many great publications. For instance, in the January 1989 issue of the Reader’s Digest under the title “Laughter, the Best Medicine” was the following story.

Boss: “Young man, you should have been here at nine o’clock!” New employee: “Why, what happened?” — Prairie Messenger I’m proud to have been a lifelong subscriber. Wishing you the best.

— Walter Sarauer, Humboldt