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Winter's Night

My face pinched and tingling from a bitter cold
and footsteps crunching on this night's crisp snow.
Under a sheer dark heaven,
the sounds of life echo sharp and clear.
Again, in the midst of this night,
I ponder the road ahead,
a pilgrim at a milestone.

Falling snow invites deep listening
to the heart alone and adrift-
but still open, still open
to the vast spaces.

In the inner caverns, I quest
with my miner's light
touching the walls of my soul
to secure each ginger step
and all the while, led in trust
by the glow in the deep.

On this winter's night
the cold refreshes my spirit
and wakens me to life
as snow leads me home
to rest by the fire
with old friends,
rum and eggnog
in our hands.

By Michael Dallaire