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Prairie Messenger and St. Peter's Press: images and farewell


END OF THE ROLL — The last Prairie Messenger newspaper to be printed at St. Peter’s Press rolled out on April 25 (the final two issues were printed off site because of their larger size). Within nine months of arriving in Canada, the monks of St. Peter’s Abbey had published their first issue of the Bote (Feb. 11, 1904). The early issues were printed in Winnipeg. By September 1905 the paper was being printed at St. Peter’s. A long, successful run has come to an end. (Maureen Weber photo)

PRAIRIE MESSENGER/ST. PETER’S PRESS STAFF — From left: Kevin Reiter, press production; Randy Weber, printer; Don Ward, associate editor; Kelly Wittke, press manager; Peter Novecosky, OSB, editor; Maureen Weber, associate editor; Gail Kleefeld, circulation, advertising and proofreading; Lucille Stewart, layout; Karen Kolkman, graphic artist and accounting. (Paul Paproski, OSB, photo)


Taking off the press on printing day. Gail Kleefeld, left, Lucille Stewart, and Kevin Reiter (Paul Paproski, OSB, photo)

After the Prairie Messenger is taken off the press, the papers are addressed for mailing. From left, Gail Kleefeld, Lucille Stewart, Kevin Reiter (Paul Paproski, OSB, photo)

Editor Peter Novecosky, OSB (Paul Paproski, OSB, photo)

Associate editor Maureen Weber (National news, features) (Paul Paproski, OSB, photo)

Associate editor Don Ward (Diocesan news) (Paul Paproski, OSB, photo)

Gail Kleefeld: circulation and advertising manager, and proofreader (Maureen Weber photo)

Lucille Stewart, layout artist (Paul Paproski OSB, photo)

Karen Kolkman, accounts manager and graphic designer (Paul Paproski, OSB, photo)

Randy Weber, pressman (Paul Paproski, OSB, photo)

Kelly Wittke, press manager (Paul Paproski, OSB, photo)

A crowd of about 110 attended the Prairie Messenger farewell on April 28. (Kip Yaworski photo)

Laura Deibert looks at one of the many photo displays at St. Peter's Press during the farewell open house April 28. (Kip Yaworski photo)

Maureen Weber, Gail Kleefeld, and Lucille Stewart at the PM/Press open house April 28. (Allison Weber photo)

One of several bouquest of flowers by Tiffany Banow, former St. Peter's Press employee.

Current and former staff at the Prairie Messenger and St. Peter’s Press at the open house. From left, Gail Kleefeld, circulation and advertising manager, and proofreader; Kevin Reiter (press staff), associate editor Don Ward, layout artist Lucille Stewart, and Tiffany Banow (former press staff member). (Kiply Yaworski photo)

Abbot Peter Novecosky chats with longtime PM layout artist Lucille Stewart at the farewell open house on April 28. (Kiply Yaworski photo)

Former PM editor Michael Pomedli holds a Canadian Church Press Award for journalism that he received in the 1970s. Pomedli, here with Abbot Peter Novecosky, was at the farewell open house for the Prairie Messenger and St. Peter’s Press. (photo by Kiply Yaworski)

The press counter for the Prairie Messenger stops at 5,000 for the last time. (Paul Paproski, OSB, photo)