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Art project developed by Multi-Faith Saskatchewan

By Frank Flegel


REGINA — Students from Saskatoon’s Holy Cross High School captured the top three art awards out of 15 finalists at the 8th annual Saskatchewan Visual Art Awards held in Regina April 21 at the MacKenzie Art Gallery.

Grade 11 student Jenaya Johns took the first prize of $125, plus a medallion and an art book for her pencil and crayon rendering of a child wearing a hijab, titled “One of Many Children.”

Grade 11 student Louis Oliver won the second prize of $100 for “Baby Blue,” the face of a child in a blue universe depicting the unity of humanity, and Grade 12 student Dor Li won third prize of $75 for “Mother and Daughter,” a representation of a mother and child with the explanation, “one small family in the whole of creation.”

The Saskatchewan Youth Visual Art Project was established in 2011 by Multi-Faith Saskatchewan to encourage students in Grades 9 — 12 to express their view of peace, unity and care of the earth. The 15 art works were curated by visual artist Madhu Kumar and displayed in one of the Mackenzie’s upper galleries. The collection will be displayed at various locations around Saskatchewan.

Krishan Kapila, who was involved in getting the art project up and running, said the combination of “art, faith and spirituality is such a beautiful combination.” He encouraged the audience to take the time after the ceremony to view and appreciate what the art works represented.

Guest speaker Roger Petry, professor of philosophy and co-co-ordinator for the Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development at Luther College, University of Regina, said, “Living sustainably calls us to develop new ways of doing and being in the world that respects the earth, champions the earth, and gives back to the earth.”

Organizers of the project told the gathering that they had received more than 400 entries for the competition. A selection committee whittled that down to 15 award recipients who were each awarded a monetary prize, a medallion, a certificate and a book on art.


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