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Bishop’s Cup played out in Regina

By Frank Flegel


REGINA — It was a hard-fought battle, but when it ended the clergy team beat the student all-star team 23 - 22 in the first annual Bishop’s Cup basketball tournament held April 17 at Miller Catholic High School in Regina.

“I think they gave us a few points,” said the sweating team captain, Regina Archbishop Donald Bolen, following the game.

The clergy team was made up of clergy from the archdiocese. Their opponents were selected from the student teams that were playing earlier in the evening tournament. The all-star team players were mostly students, with several who regularly play for their high school teams.

Students from Grade 8 and up were eligible to play in the tournament. This was the first time the tournament was held in Regina. “We started it in Saskatoon,” said Bolen, who served as bishop there prior to his appointment as Archbishop of Regina. “It was such a fun time for everyone, we thought to try it here.”

Cheryl Harvey’s Miller High School Catholic Studies 10 class took on the task of organizing the tournament as part of their Christian Action plan. Harvey said it began with a phone call from archdiocesan Youth Ministry co-ordinator Michelle Braden who told her about the tournaments held in Saskatoon and suggested the archbishop would like to do something similar for the kids in Regina. Harvey said her class did everything, designing and sending posters to churches and schools to recruit participants, organizing the teams, designing and making the trophies, scheduling the evening’s games, recruiting referees and score keepers.

The evening began with a pizza supper at 6:30, with the games starting at 7:00. Each team was assigned a letter and referred to the posted schedule to determine their opponent and when they played. The preliminary games were 15 minutes each and played on the half courts. The all-star team that played against the archbishop’s clergy team was selected from among those teams.

The Bishop’s Cup game was a half-hour and played on the full court. The clergy team was outfitted with white and blue-trimmed jerseys; the archbishop wore number 55 with “ARCH-DON” on the back. A few other clergy also wore their names on their jerseys.

Harvey and her class offered to do it again next year.


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