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Editorial Policy Statement

True to its Catholic tradition, the Prairie Messenger seeks to mirror for the church on the Prairies the whole reality of the pilgrim People of God as they seek to better understand, make present and judge themselves by the kingdom of God as announced in the liberating and merciful news of Jesus Christ.

In order to reflect truly the total mystery of the church, the Prairie Messenger offers opportunity for dialogue and discussion, knowing that the Word of God can be expressed only in limited human words, which means that disagreement, dissent and diversity will accompany all human efforts to reflect the unity, the faith and the charity the Spirit offers to the people the Father calls.

Guided by the church's pastoral teaching office, and alert to the signs of the times, the Prairie Messenger helps to make the People of God aware of their local, national and international presence and responsibilities, and to keep them informed of the concerns of all the church -- its laity, teachers, scholars and pastors.

In its traditional concern for social justice, the Prairie Messenger will continue to reflect upon economic, political and social processes in the light of the Gospel and of the teachings of the church. In a non-partisan approach, it will challenge its readers to know and live their communal and personal responsibilities in church and society.

In obedience to the Spirit's continual call to reform and renewal, the Prairie Messenger places special emphasis on exploring the riches of the Scriptures and of the liturgy, with committed concern for ecumenism and the full catholicity of the Christian message.

To accomplish these goals most effectively, the Prairie Messenger will maintain liaison with the dioceses and communities it serves, their people, their organizations and their leaders, that communication, charity and truth can best be served in justice and honesty.