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Catholic News Service (CNS), the oldest and largest religious news service in the world, is a leading source of news for Catholic print and electronic media across the globe. With bureaus in Washington and Rome, as well as a global correspondent network, CNS since 1920 has set the standard in Catholic journalism.

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Vol. 90 No. 27 January 2, 2013


Christmas Eve moon (Photo by Gerald Schmitz)

Diocesan News


Remembrance service held for 28 killed in Newtown

Signs pointed the way for new bishop of Qu'Appelle

New bishop familiar with challenges

School raises funds with gingerbread houses

Zabawa dies peacefully

Venue changed for archbishop's annual levee

Programs to enhance Catholic teaching

Visitation House has Christmas party




Canadian News


Genocide finds its roots in hatred

Vatican II liturgy emphasizes Jesus' real presence

LIfe issues, religious freedom dominate news in 2012




International News

Pope visits butler in jail, personally delivers pardon

Movement on sainthood cause for Dorothy Day met with mix of emotions

RNS year in review



In Exile

Liturgy and Life

Breaking Open the Ordinary



Commentary and Features


Around the Kitchen Table

Reverencing the Earth

Others are saying:

The top five under-covered Vatican stories of 2012

A new inquisition: the Vatican targets U.S. nuns

Küng still resists the 'Roman Inquisition'

Swiss abbot makes fiery appeal for church reform

On gay marriage



Arts and Culture


Screenings and Meanings

Is The Hobbit a ‘Christian’ film? Yes and no

Toibin’s Mary is far from meek and mild

CNS Movie Reviews




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