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Catholic News Service (CNS), the oldest and largest religious news service in the world, is a leading source of news for Catholic print and electronic media across the globe. With bureaus in Washington and Rome, as well as a global correspondent network, CNS since 1920 has set the standard in Catholic journalism.

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Vol. 91 No. 29 January 15, 2014

January light

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Diocesan News

Sponsorship change legislated for STM

Catholic education makes a difference

Bohan presents message to Hindus

Rev. Len Albers dies

Knights donate to Philippines

Craft guild raises money for charities

Schools raise money for typhoon relief

Solstice celebrated at St. Michael’s

Vocation a matter of trust

Week of prayer a pilgrimage

Winnipeg parish celebrates 90 years


Canadian News

MP Joy Smith prepares to advance Nordic model

CC priest appointed bishop in Ottawa


International News


Pope Francis’ cardinals point the way to Catholicism’s future

With few words on abortion, Pope Francis shows a new way to be pro-life

Jesuit who is nationally known peace activist no longer member of order

RNS News Briefs



In Exile

Liturgy and Life

Both Lungs

Challenge of Ecumenism


Commentary and Features


Around the Kitchen Table

catholic dialogue

A Pilgrim's Progress

Holy Spirit 'lead traveller' in archbishop's journeys

Canon Law for Today

Others are saying:

The clergy trade; Melady; pope-watch; and the Boston Globe

Francis uses red hats to offer lesson on global church

Seattle high school administers ‘a vaccine against faith’

Pope Francis’ reform-minded inclusiveness sparks talk of Catholicism’s rejuvenation

Pope Francis is a reformer in style only

Arts and Culture


Screenings and Meanings

CNS Movie Reviews

Resolved: be a better TV watcher in 2014



A New Year



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