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Vol. 91 No. 40 April 2, 2014

Photo by Anne Wicks.

Diocesan News


Hanley lecturer speaks on Vatican II

Bohan presents letter to Muslim community

Conference looks at reconciliation and renewal

Various types of reconciliation needed

New salary grid implemented in Saskaoon diocese

Divine Mercy conference well attended

Tri-parish retreat held

Prayers for South Sudan


Canadian News


Court hears religious freedom arguments in Loyola case

MP introduces assisted-suicide bills



International News

Pope and Obama discuss religious freedom, life issues, immigration

Priest’s study of universe’s origins still guides modern-day cosmology

African clergy join fight to save elephants and rhinos from poaching



In Exile

Liturgy and Life

Sacred chrism




Around the Kitchen Table

Ulysse “Bud” Paré, CSB (1935-2014) — A Windsorite who showed us how to put the Bible into practice

The bogus rhetoric about bogus refugees

Pulpit and Politics

Figure of Speech

Building the Future

Planning a funeral

World Vision’s gay marriage flip-flop reflects evangelical angst as culture shifts

Pope Francis fired ‘Bishop Bling.’ Will more follow?

From other sources:

Will Francis tend to those most impoverished by the church?

Child sex abuse victim to advise pope on reforms after challenging ‘lies and hypocrisy’ in Catholic Church

After Crimea: editorial

Is Canada tarring itself?

The mentally ill are our lepers

Longtime peace activist removed from ministry after concelebrating mass with woman priest

Arts and Culture


Screenings and Meanings

Q&A: ‘Noah’ director Darren Aronofsky on justice vs. mercy

CNS Movie Reviews

Lyrics and Life



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