Archdiocese appoints interim director of pastoral services

By Frank Flegel

REGINA — Archdiocesan Vicar-General Rev. Lorne Crozon is the interim director of Pastoral Services for the Regina archdiocese, effective Sept. 1. He also retains his position as rector of Holy Rosary Cathedral. He takes over from Sister Anastasia Young who retired at the end of June after nine years of service.

Crozon met with staff for the first time Sept. 3 to talk about his expectations and invited questions and suggestions while admitting he is on a steep learning curve.

“We want to continue on with some of the visioning that the staff has been doing here in the archdiocese. We see that as very very valuable for us. We want to continue sharing how we can develop our diocesan church and how to make that stronger,” he said in an interview with the PM following the meeting.

He doesn’t see any immediate need for changes, admitting again he is on a steep learning curve. “I will listen to what people have to say and make whatever changes that may have to be made.”

He will spend most of Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in the director of Pastoral Services office and he gave out his cellphone number if anyone needs to consult with him when he is not in the office.

He eschewed the title acting director. “I am not acting director. We needed a director of Pastoral services for the time being. I am not going to act like one, I am going to be one just for the time being. So until someone is found that is going to be suitable for the office, I am going to step into it.”

The position was advertised but it was not awarded to any of the applicants. Another series of ads is being developed for both the secular and religious media.

Crozon also briefly discussed the role of the newly appointed Pastoral Support co-ordinator, Tina Klesinger. There are several vacant positions in Pastoral Services and other staff have taken up some of those services and for some Crozon said their “plate is getting very full. There are things that she can do to assist those pastoral offices in carrying out their ministries.”

Crozon also said the archdiocese is considering the establishment of a Family Life Ministry and Kleisinger would have a role to play in that. She is already listed as Family Life Co-ordinator in the 2014/15 Archdiocesan Directory. She is one of several new faces recently hired to replace retiring staff and staff on medical leave.

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