Ritual helps bring freedom to women who have had an abortion

The Editor: In the June 18 issue of the Prairie Messenger, a brother Oblate, Rev. Dominique Kerbrat, wrote a letter to the editor sharing how the Spirit led him to minister in a very effective manner to women who have had an abortion. He stated that his method of emphatic listening, naming the baby, affirming that the child is in heaven, creating a relationship between the mother and baby, and asking for forgiveness brings astonishing results.

I am writing to support his efforts and to add a few nuances.

In addition to the above, I have had them bring toys representing their child — perhaps a toy truck for a boy, a doll for a girl, or a uni-sex toy if they do not know. I then invite them to write a letter to that child, sharing their feelings around the event of the abortion, how they feel now and anything else they would like to share with their aborted child. Finally, I invite them to read their letter to the toy representing their child.

The result is truly what Kerbrat describes: eyes that were full of tears and pain become alive and free. — Archbishop Emeritus Sylvain Lavoie, St. Albert

Elegy for a misfit 

The Editor: Thanks to Donald Ward for his funny and touching tribute to Rev. Gordon MacDonald (PM, July 30). I wish I had known him. — Don Schroeder, Winnipeg  

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