St. Andrew’s celebrates 100 Years

By Carol Thorsteinson

BLAINE LAKE, Sask. — On Aug. 2, St. Andrew’s Parish in Blaine Lake celebrated their 100th anniversary. As plans for the anniversary festivities began, 11 parishioners offered their talents to serve. After much hard work from parishioners, repairs and upgrades were completed in the church.

Three special projects were undertaken for the celebration. The first was to obtain a statue of St. Andrew. A local man hand carved a statue out of basswood. The second project was a tile cross. Every parishioner, aged 10 to 94, painted a picture on a four-inch square of ceramic tile. The tiles were mounted in rows of three, horizontally and vertically into the shape of a cross approximately three feet by five feet. The third project was to repair and restore the outdoor mini replica of the church.

Celebrations began with a tour of the church building. Older vestments were hung between stained glass windows and visitors walked to the cemetery for a blessing of the graves.

The afternoon was spent at the school gym enjoying fellowship and refreshments while a guitarist played softly in the background.

Visitors walked around displays of archival items, photos of parish priests since 1914 and prayer shawls made by the ministry team.

Parish priest, Rev. Ramel Macapala, began the mass by blessing the tile cross and statue of St. Andrew. Rev. Ian Boyd, CSB and Rev. Hervé Vallée, who grew up in Blaine Lake, as well as new parish priest, Rev. Allan Dangel and vicar-general, Rev. Maurice Fiolleau were present to concelebrate.

After mass, approximately 150 people stayed for a delicious roast beef supper and program. Mayor Andy Ciona congratulated the parish on behalf of Blaine Lake; musical performances were offered by Michelle Lavoie, Diana and Chloe Woytiuk; and a power point presentation was shown on the history of the church.

Guest speaker Fiolleau spoke about those who were part of building the church, from the early days until present, and the special gift they were to the community and diocese. He presented the parish with an apostolic blessing on behalf of Bishop Albert Thévenot, M. Afr.

The following morning, parish volunteers served a pancake breakfast. Attendees shared their appreciation with committee members many times, expressing their thorough enjoyment of a wonderful celebration.

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