Theology of food
If you want something, grab it and go. Dr. Norman Wirzba said that is modern culture’s approach to the world around us, including our attitude toward food.
— page 5

Importance of friendship
Children with Down syndrome do not “suffer from” the condition. If they suffer from anything, writes Amy Julia Becker, “it is from social alienation and exclusion.”
— page 11

Restless heart
The restless heart is the starting point of pilgrimage, says St. Augustine, and it is in the nature of pilgrimage that it involves both an outward and an inward journey, writes Gerald Schmitz as his Camino journey comes to an end.
— page 12

Northern ministry
Sister Sheila Fortune, CSJ, says her ministry in Natuashish has been one of being present. “There is no healing without presence.”
— page 13

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