Fifty years on, it’s time for the ecumenical movement to take on a more pastoral mission and worry less about trying to untie the knots of history and theology, says Saint Paul University thehology professor Cathy Clifford.
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Ebola crisis
As the ebola death toll in West Africa surpassed 3,300, North American media were reporting a single, isolated case in Dallas with minute-by-minute, 24-hour coverage, writes Michael Swan. For the Caritas network the focus is on Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone where fragile, underfunded health care systems are faced with daily deaths and new infections. Msgr. Robert Vitillo, Caritas head of delegation to the United Nations in Geneva, arrived in the Liberian capital Sept. 26 for a first-hand look at the situation, and to offer the support of the international Caritas network including Catholic health care resources from around the world.
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Art of hope
In our world today, despite all our wealth, despite all our charity, poverty deepens and we are resigned to the idea that “the poor will be with you always,” and despair that nothing can be done. Perhaps the challenge of poverty is to think about it in new ways, writes Derek Cook.
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Music for Liturgy
This week’s Prairie Messenger features music selections for liturgy from the First Sunday of Advent (Year B) to the Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time, Feb. 15, 2015.
— pages 8-12

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