Teachers and staff inspired

By Paula Fournier

PRINCE ALBERT — Teachers, school administrators, employees and trustees of the Prince Albert Catholic School Division gathered at Sacred Heart last summer for a mass celebrated by Bishop Albert Thévenot, M. Afr., and local pastors. After the celebration, U.S. musician, youth worker and evangelist Jesse Manibusan, who also joined the teacher’s choir during mass, made an inspiring presentation, assisted by the teachers’ choir.

Deacon Harold Salahub, co-ordinator of religious instruction for the school division, explained the theme for the 2014-15 school year: Faith, Love It.

“Last year we explored faith from a learning perspective. This year all of us are asked to renew our faith vows. Our challenge is to keep feeding our faith, so that love is our driving force.”

During his homily, Thévenot said he knew that teachers believed in their students, just as their students believed in and looked up to them. He recognized the love teachers have for their profession and faith and asked them to help students in becoming caring young adults, and to help them discover their purpose in life.

At the beginning of the school term, a symbol is placed in each of the Prince Albert Catholic schools to remind staff, parents and students of the focus of the year. To mark this second of the division’s three-year faith journey, director of education Lorel Trumier presented each school principal and Thévenot with a candle in a vase depicting this year’s theme.

“The seeds represent growth, as the love we will pray to grow in our hearts this year. The candle at the centre represents the light of Christ that reminds us that we can grow in love by looking to him, Christ, the light of the world. It will be a constant reminder to embrace love in every interaction we have with other staff, parents, students and community,” explained Salahub.

Thévenot blessed the symbols, praying that youth and teachers would be attracted by the light and that the seeds, which represent faith, grow in everyone as we learn to forgive, love and believe in one another.

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