Kleisinger new family life co-ordinator

By Frank Flegel

REGINA — Tina Kleisinger said she is excited about her new challenges as Pastoral Support Co-ordinator for the Regina Archdiocese and Family Life Co-ordinator.

Kleisinger comes to the archdiocese after six years with the Regina Roman Catholic School Division where she performed several roles, most recently organizing Encouraging Connections Initiative, an outreach program that provides opportunities for special needs students to gain work place experience. It was through that program that she connected with the archdiocese and was offered her position from then Director of Pastoral Services Sister Anastasia Young, SSS.

The position of Pastoral Support Co-ordinator is new and it will evolve as new needs arise after a new pastoral director is hired. The position has been vacant since the summer retirement of Sister Anastasia. Vicar-general Rev. Lorne Crozon is temporarily filling the position.

Kleisinger’s first assignment is working with Youth Co-ordinator Michelle Braden on initiatives for youth and their families. As part of that assignment she accompanied the youth summer mission to Philippines where houses were built for two families.

“Right now I’m working on a guide of activities that will be going out to parishes to connect families and youth to their parish and planning a parenting conference that will be held in January,” said Kleisinger.

A venue for the parenting conference has not been chosen but it will likely be held in one of the Regina Roman Catholic schools.

The Regina archdiocese does not have a family life department, but Kleisinger is sure that will “catch fire in the future.” She also noted that many initiatives actually overlap, with activities in different ministries. “There are many departments that work together to get these initiatives done. I think family life co-ordinator or pastoral support co-ordinator is just a title. I think it is just serving the people of our diocese.”

Kleisinger said she has been working mostly with youth co-ordinator Michelle Braden but is also taking on initiatives from other departments. One example is working with Dr. Brett Salkeld, archdiocesan theologian, ecumenical officer and co-ordinator of the diaconate program that began this fall.

“We’re working on some prayer posters that are going to be sent to all parishes that will ask for prayers for the diaconate candidates who have begun the program and their wives.”

She said all staff ministries work together as a team and she is very much enjoying the experience.

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