This collection is an enduring part of the spiritual literature of our period.
— Joan Chittister, OSB


The Journalism of a Benedictine Monk
By Andrew Murray Britz, OSB
Edited by Dennis Gruending


Truth to Power represents 20 years of provocative journalism by Father Andrew Britz, a Benedictine monk at St. Peter’s Abbey in the hinterland of rural Saskatchewan.

Although Britz is best known for his challenging editorials, weighing in on the concrete issues of our turbulent times, there is also a deeply contemplative dimension to his writing, the legacy of his life as a monk and a trained liturgist who is steeped in church history.

In Truth to Power, editor Dennis Gruending has chosen a sampling of Britz’s best writing during the monk’s remarkable tenure as editor of the Prairie Messenger, a prophetic Catholic weekly news journal that has been published by the monks since 1904.

“With great simplicity, with disarming honesty, these essays wrestle their way into our hearts until we, too, find ourselves poised on the teeter-totter of truth. . . . The ongoing relevance of the situations written about here makes this collection an enduring part of the spiritual literature of our period.”
—Joan Chittister, OSB, Erie, Pennsylvania

“The editorials assembled in this book tackle hot button topics: birth control, abortion, condoms, clergy abuse, sexism in the church. But in a way that gave full weight to the substantial wisdom of the Catholic tradition. This book could be called a textbook in political discernment.”
— Mary Jo Leddy, Toronto, Ontario

“These editorials are engaging, eloquent and memorable in their language, subtle humour and clarity. They are words about the Word that is the Lord among us with which we fashion ourselves together in the Lord’s image as the People of God.”
— John Thompson, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Paperback; 293 pages with index; 6 x 9
ISBN: 0-9784526-8-1

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Also note: Volume Two

Rule of Faith

As we worship, so we believe, so we live

[Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi, Lex Vivendi]

By Rev. Andrew Britz, OSB




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